Controlled Emission Toilet (CET)

GBR-Rail offers a complete turnkey solution for waste management providing bespoke toilet emptying systems, on-board vehicle toilet retention tanks and toilet facilities.

  • Manual emptying systems
  • Automatic emptying systems
  • Rinsing and tanking systems
  • Water Systems
  • Mobile systems
  • On-board vehicle retention tanks
  • On-board toilet facilities
  • Intelligent operating systems
  • Remote diagnostics and data monitoring systems

We understand that safe, hygienic and efficient emptying of CETs is essential, which is why we provide a complete design and installation service that meets the requirements of each individual depot. Our range of CET systems is manufactured to the highest specification and will integrate seamlessly with your carriage design.

Each system is designed to suit your specifications, taking into account the CET technology, the amount of space available and the degree of automation required. In addition they are user friendly with tanking hose storage and a 10m span capability.

GBR-Rail offers a lifetime maintenance service on all CET systems to ensure continued reliability and efficient operation, more details can be found on our maintenance data sheet.

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