Train Wash Systems

Our in-house expertise allows us to deliver bespoke Train Wash Systems providing clean trains to our customers and end users

  • Automatic or manual washing
  • Roof, eave and skirt washing
  • Cab ending washing
  • Air Blowers
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Reclaim systems
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Intelligent operating systems
  • Remote diagnostics and data monitoring systems
  • Speed monitoring and logging systems

The aerodynamic nature of rolling stock means that it is increasingly difficult to keep it in pristine condition and, as a result, an innovative engineering design is required to enable effective automatic cleaning.

GBR-Rail offers a range of modular solutions which are designed to suit the individual requirements of the location and the contours of a range of rolling stock profiles.

The flexibility of the design allows for a number of configurations which include drive through or stationary cleaning or a combination of both, together with front and rear cleaning. Each bespoke system makes efficient use of the space available and can be configured for single or bi-directional washing.

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